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Product name: 1-Bromopropane
Other Name: [n-Propyl bromide] [Propyl bromide] [1-Bromo propane]
CAS No.: 106-94-5
UN No.: 2344
Molecular Formula: C3H7Br
Molecular Weight: 122.99
Appearance: colorless liquid
Melting point: -110℃
Boiling point: 71℃
Flash point:  
Relative Density: 1.3537(20℃)
Refractive Index: 1.4343
Assay: ≥99%
Moisture: ≤0.05%
PH value: 6.0~8.0
Non-volatile matter: ≤50PPM
Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohols and ethers.
Toxicity: toxic
Others: It is inflammable
Uses: used in the production of detergents, drugs, pesticides, dyes and spices etc. Also as the material of Grignard reagent.
Packing: 250KG/plastic-coated steel drum
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